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Hot or Not: Lily James

03.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week there wasn't a huge response toward CHAPPIE hottie, Miranda Frigon, but what was said was positive. As for this week, we're reigniting the stupid female obsession with being a chosen princess (and believe me, this will sell nearly as well as MALEFICENT did), with CINDERELLA in live action form. It only makes sense to check out its star, since she's supposedly the most beautiful in the land, right?

Lily James

I might just be the only person who hasn't watched ANY of "Downton Abbey," if going by LeBron James talking about it in the trailer for TRAINWRECK is any indicator. So I don't have experience with what Lily James has gotten the most fame for. For me, it's as if a complete unknown has blown in and is suddenly taking over and all I want to do is balance out her hair color with the dark brown caterpillars growing across her lower forehead. That shit is distracting to me.

Honestly, I don't find James to be pretty. She has a certain look to her that is typical British glam girl and I get it, I understand that there are people who are super into that look. I'm just not one of them. Her face looks a bit misproportioned to me (again, I blame the vast difference in the hue of her thick eyebrows and the rest of her coloring) and I'm just going to fall back on the study about how symmetry in facial features usually determines beauty to the masses.

Her body, however? WOW. You don't always seem much of it when Lily gets dressed up for the red carpets but in the images I found of her as a gymnast in the movie FAST GIRLS, you really get a good look at what's going on underneath all those garments. So awesome body, meh face, neutral opinion from me in terms of her hotness. I'll have to actually watch her in something to figure out if she has talent and get back to you on which side that helps her fall on.

What do you think of Lily James?

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