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Hot or Not: Leslie Mann

07.01.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, it was pretty much down the middle over whether or not Uma Thurman was a hot or not. I stand by my opinion that she's hot and that I really feel she's gotten better looking with time and experience. Considering all the cougar/MILFS out there who turn my stomach, I thought this week I would feature one that didn't. Tell me if I'm wrong about...

Leslie Mann

The first thing I remember seeing Mann in was THE CABLE GUY, but the instant that I saw her up on the big screen (yeah, I saw it in the theater and yeah, I'm one of the five people on the planet who thought it was funny), I remembered her blink and you'll miss it bit in the wonderful indie BOTTLE ROCKET. Suddenly, she was implanted in my brain like a piece of pointless trivia, displacing yet another childhood memory.

Mann met and fell in love with the then unpredicted future super-power of the comedy genre, Judd Apatow and married him a year later in 1997. During that time she scaled back her acting work to become a MILF to two daughters, drop in for a memorable role as Ursula in GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE and share a share a delectable kiss with actress Saffron Burrows in 2000's TIMECODE. Her work and her heart remained mainly with her family, however.

Becoming a regular in movies that her husband has a hand in, not only was she a teacher on "Freaks and Geeks," she's been the poster child for drunken girls you steer clear of at bars (40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN just wouldn't be the same without the throwing up on Steve Carrell scene), the nagging wife who bolsters her sister's needs while obsessing about the flaws in her marriage (KNOCKED UP) and then back to being a hot teacher (DRILLBIT TAYLOR). She's also returning to the big screen with Jim Carey again in the upcoming I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS. She's a mom, she's a hottie and she's funny as hell.

Whelp, you know I adore her. But what are your thoughts?

Source: IMDB


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