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Hot or Not: Lauren Graham

08.26.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, it was a mixed response for Saffron Burrows. I still think the woman is uber hot. But I can also see how tall, lanky and frosty European looks can be an iffy for people. So how about some crisp, clean all American ones? Tell me your thoughts on this week's selection.

Lauren Graham

I hated "Gilmore Girls" and came to that decision after watching one episode. I hated the cutesy small town shtick, the unbelievable premise of a teen mom who gets her shit together and raises a normal kid without dating or weirdness or even financial burden. But f*ck it all to Hades, it was the show that put Lauren Graham on my hotness map.

Thankfully, she hasn't always been mired in tween drama bullshit. I most lovingly remember her turn as Sue in BAD SANTA, stripped down to that little black bra. Sure, the contents aren't huge but they were firm and high and while Sue had some naughty girl appeal, she was also that kind of sweetheart that doesn't give you a toothache.

So what's up for Graham now that her flagship show was sent off to television heaven last year? Playing - gasp! - moms. In this winter's Oscar-winner-wannabe, FLASH OF GENIUS, Graham will star alongside Greg Kinnear in the true-story of the guy who invented the automatic wind shield wipers. At 41, it's not too far off to expect Lauren to be playing moms, but name me one woman you ever knew in real life, your own mom or a friend's, who looked that good at 41. Here's to some vampy roles in this hot chick's future.

So, what are your thoughts on Lauren Graham?

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