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Hot or Not: Laura Wiggins

01.31.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It was nearly 50/50 last week when it came to your feelings on Scout Taylor-Compton, who has been a fixture in low budget horror movies over the past few years, but high on the compliments for how she turned out after leaving her Rob Zombie musings behind. This week is going to be a quiet one at the box office, with few new releases and what is available being lackluster at best. I mean, who is really that interested in shilling out fresh dough for RINGS? This was a movie that I was constantly getting invites to early advanced screenings for, with the message slowly dissolving into blatant desperation as they offered $10 per person who showed up. I've been wrong before, though. Am I going to be wrong about your feelings for its star?

Laura Wiggins

It took me a hot minute to realize that the lead actress getting spooked this time was the same one who played the sexually aggressive Karen on the American version of the show Shameless. If there was ever going to be anything to convince me to watch RINGS, she might be it. After all, I sincerely hated the shit out of her character on the Showtime series and I firmly believe that an actor who can get you to despise a character might be the most talented of them all out there. (Still doesn't apply to Anna Gunn/Skyler White, though.)

Laura has one of those faces that seems a bit common, looking sorta like Emily Kinney but mainly just coming off like one of those girls you went to high school with who was cute but not a standout. The fearlessness with which Wiggins attacked being on Shameless, with all of those nude/sex scenes was insane, even if they weren't quite enough to get you to not cheer when she got hit by... wait, spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen the show. I suppose if I bothered with more CW shows, I might be able to comment on her time on The Tomorrow People as Irene Quinn, who might be related to Harley, but again, I haven't watched the show, so my speculation might be off.

I actually really like Laura Wiggins, even if I had to become reacquainted with her because I couldn't have placed her from what I know her from based on her name alone. Reading up on how embarrassed she was during her auditions for Shameless, as a Southern Baptist who was being asked to pantomime giving a blowjob, only makes me like her more. She's cute and sweet without being overly polished or intimidating liek some other chicks. While I wouldn't exactly go so far as to call her HOT, I will say she's far more attractive over all that some who have been born into that designation.

What do you think of Laura Wiggins?


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