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Hot or Not: Laura Vandervoort

06.26.2012by: Cherry Liquor

On paper, the idea of the movie TED sounds hysterical. The fact that they cast a couple of strong comedic presences is also great (Mila Kunis has great comedy timing chops from growing up on a sitcom and frankly, Marky Mark is never better than when he puts his otherwise stoic puss to work in funny situations). But I wouldn't piss on Seth MacFarlane were he even smoldering and needed the liquid. The sound of his voice (which is the same in whatever stupid incarnation of characters he does) makes me want to stomp on puppies. I've heard the movie is funny, but I think I might just stick to looking at one of its cast members instead.

Laura Vandervoort

Vandervoort gets bigger plus points from me for having been a Canadian girl who was a child actor on the "Goosebumps" series than her involvement as Kara on "Smallville." I'm also unfamiliar with the second coming of the "V" series because I am one of those fans of the original who hasn't managed to find closure and embrace the reboot. As an actress, I'm largely unfamiliar with her work but Laura has some major resume entries and there's nothing sexier than a beautiful woman who also works really hard.

There's something about Laura's face that is just slightly wonky to me. She photographs spectacularly (Photoshop always aids this process a little more but I think she's just structurally photogenic) but can look a little odd when caught in a casual habitat. This just adds to her quirky, hard-to-define charm. I might not have watched much of what she's been in, but I am compelled to be interested in her just on the surface glance alone.

It's a no-brainer, really, that Vandervoort is a hottie. She has an incredible body, a sexy aura about her and she's kicking ass taking roles for everything from television to movies to voiceovers in video games (she's been Mary Jane... that's something I'd like seeing over the S-chest). Is it silly that I'm featuring her in this column? OF course. Is it wrong that I'm giving her attention that she has obviously earned? Smile and nod, fellas.

What do you think of Laura Vandervoort?

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