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Hot or Not: Laura Dern

12.12.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The last time we did a babe evaluation, it was Ari Graynor (of the highly praised THE DISASTER ARTIST) and you were all about her funny blonde hotness. I couldn't agree that you agreed with me more. This week we have STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI and not much else other than another animated movie aiming for your heartstrings by featuring John Cena as a voice actor. Ain't it funny how Cena has become the go-to guy when they need a funnyman in what you presume is going to be a shitty flick? Anyhoo... here's one of the stars of the latest sci-fi juggernaut who also happens to be in the news with the recent poorly received JURASSIC WORLD trailer.

Laura Dern

Laura Dern has given me hope since I was a teenager. During those tumultuous years of youth, females are often lead to believe that they're ugly if they're anything less than perfect. Dern, who is tall and thin and blonde is also not the most conventionally beautiful actress in the world, perhaps banking more on making it in the industry because she comes from acting stock who already were well established when she dipped her toe into the movie world. But man, from WILD AT HEART, has she ever proven that the less-than-perfect women of the world are certainly far more sexy than the aesthetically well built.

What stands out to me a lot about Dern isn't the long legs or the way she can walk into the room with her sultry guns blazing, it's that she can command you with her whispery, soft but tough voice. There is a certain magic in the way that she takes charge of a scene with her pipes, perhaps most notable in her voice role as Sue Murphy on Netflix's F is for Family. She is the sweet jelly to her crunchy peanut butter counterpart in pretty much ever role she's ever had.

While Dern certainly hasn't aged as perfectly as others in her age demo or even had a moment in time where you could point and say, "But she was sooooooo hot when...," there's never been a time when I didn't find her to be a hottie. There's a realistic hotness to her that never feels primped up or forced. In this world of Photoshop and altered public images, I really appreciate that.

What do you think of Laura Dern?

Source: IMDB


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