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Hot or Not: Laura Dern

04.02.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I vividly recall the original release of the movie now being released as JURASSIC PARK 3D. It was this boon to the technological world of movies, in sight, sound and even the marketing of a film. My middle sister was utterly, obsessively endeared to dinosaurs and was thrilled to get a chance to see what might have seemed authentically real to her then 10-year old eyes (weird for me being the big sister and knowing she just turned 30 last Sunday - Happy Birthday, Amanda!!). One of the stars of the movie is now my featured Hot or Not lady of the week. Has she aged as well as the CGI dinosaurs have?

Laura Dern

Prior to JURASSIC PARK, the movie that ripped through my skull like an electrified arrow drawn from Hawkeye's quiver was her performance in WILD AT HEART, a movie that I did not fully comprehend or appreciate at the time that I first watched it but knew that it made my young heart palpate abnormally. I wanted to be as crazed about a man as Dern's Lula was about Nic Cage's Sailor. Even earlier than that, I loved her as the blind girl who showed kindness toward Rocky Dennis in the tear-jerker MASK. So let's start off with me shooting accolades of love from my soul regarding Dern's talent.

In the mid-1990's and the early 2000's, Dern was relegated to mostly thankless roles. In her personal life, she had fallen madly in love with musician Ben Harper and became this Earth-Mama type. Of course, this was after the public fallout regarding her relationship with Billy Bob Thorton dissolving when she returned home from shooting a movie and found that her previous love had taken up with Angelina Jolie to her completely unsuspecting bewilderment. Whatever the case, Dern filed from divorce in 2010 from Ben Harper but the proceedings have not yet been finalized. So she's as tough loving in real life as all those depth-filled characters she breathed life into on screen.

Flash forward to the more recent years and you have Dern earning massive praise for her role as Amy Jellicoe on the HBO series "Enlightened." The controversy currently underway is that the show was just recently announced as being canceled after its second season, enraging many of its devout followers, including celebrities like Patton Oswalt who have taken to Twitter and other social networks, begging for NetFlix or some other distribution company to finance the series so it can keep going. Dern took home a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series, proving that even if the show wasn't nabbing as many viewers as the sex-laden "True Blood" or "Game of Thrones," it was doing a good job. The fact that Laura Dern has maintained such a quality of excellence as an actress for 30-some odd years is very, very, HOT. The fact that she still looks much like she did back then, only defined by lines of time, is also a testament to her hotness.

But what do you think of Laura Dern?

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