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Hot or Not: Lake Bell

12.22.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I had to be taught what the term "butterface" meant when I first started working for this website. At first, I actually thought that it referred to a chick who looked too shiny in the face on the red carpet, as if a stick of butter had been smeared all over her. I then learned that there are some chicks who would be great if but for her face. And here we are this week.

Lake Bell

When I really look at her resume, there hasn't been a whole hell of a lot that Lake Bell has been in. She's stuck mainly to television and most of it isn't just that I haven't watched it like so many other things, it's that I hadn't even heard of the shows. So I can't base too much on her earlier career stuff.

For me, Lake Bell was the chick with the attitude who came in and expertly played the best friend role to Cameron Diaz in WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS. Between her and Rob Corddry, they were the only things were watching in that movie. She came off as sexy, slutty, tough and smart. All the things I look for in my Fem-mances. (Hey... if you guys can have Bro-mances... shut up.)

Because of her strong performance in that comedy, I'm sure it's what led her to being a go-to chick for the latest old-people-getting-it-on flick, IT'S COMPLICATED. And while I love her personality and think her body is an absolute work of genetic art, I must pause and reflect that unless made up just so, she is my ultimate Butterface.

What do you think of Lake Bell?

Source: IMDB


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