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Hot or Not: Krysten Ritter

06.23.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Frankly, no matter what gets said today, I am in love with this chick. She's low radar for the moment, but branching out insanely fast, so I thought we could give her the once over and have your opinions on record before she's the next Rose McGowan. Well, minus the big boobs and snarky attitude. Although I think she's got just the right quirk to her persona, but let's get into that more.

Krysten Ritter

First time Krysten Ritter stuck out to me was in the abysmally bad WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS. I was expecting it to be bad and it was, which helped me to focus on the things in the movie which were worth watching. The interaction between Rob Corddry and Lake Bell (and the very fact that Corddry's character's name is "Hater") is at times a saving grace. The other is Ritter knocking at Ashton's door, pretending to be his cookie-selling girl scout. Later an accomplice in the movie, I immediately was turned on to her oozing confidence, baring her minimal chest (in a bra, granted, but still) with an eyebrow raised and no shame. Color me hooked.

The second time I caught onto Ritter was in her excellent casting as Isla Fisher's best friend Suze in the mixed-emotions CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC. People seemed to either love or hate the movie, me being one of the former, but Ritter was quirky and fresh, matching the unstoppable Fisher step for step, something not all that easy to do. She was funny, fresh, and necessarily serious when it was called for, proving that she has great range, all in one movie. Even if you didn't like it.

Now the $10,000 question... can an actress who has a unique look survive in the business without being relegated to best friend or character actress stunt roles? Is it possible for her to be more or is she just not all that hot? One thing's for certain, there's no shortage of projects on her plate, with 4 upcoming movies in the next couple of years, including a big role in HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN, that movie Jenna Jameson is in (as well as every other "It" actor right now from James Kyson Lee to Ken Jeong, that real-life doctor whom Apatow cast his magical wand upon).

Personally, I'm in love with this chick. But your opinions matter more. Is Krysten Ritter hot or not?

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