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Hot or Not: Kristin Chenoweth

01.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Nicky Whelan is a babe, according to the responses from last week, even if she didn't get naked in the "Did they only make it R-rated so they could use the word 'f*ck' a lot?" movie, THE WEDDING RINGER. This week we're on to softer, gentler fare (although I predict they'll have a hard time kicking the muscular Bradley Cooper from the top spot) with STRANGE MAGIC, where this week's Hot or Not candidate is adding her recognizable voice.

Kristin Chenoweth

I seem to recall seeing Kristin Chenoweth kicking around Hollywood long before 2001, when she was given her first eponymous TV show. That's mainly because Chenoweth was known as the go-to gal for spritely characters in stage productions, where she got her auspicious start. The former Miss Oklahoma runner-up seems to have been built to entertain.

Because we didn't start seeing Kristin in TV and movie roles until she was into her 30's, there was this automatic leap from her being just the sexy short broad to the oversexed wife/sister-in-law/milf mature roles. Not that it's a big complaint; Kristin looks exactly like those lusty cougars our minds imagine. My favorite example of which is her role as Olive Snook in the sadly underappreciated "Pushing Daisies."

I've thought that Kristin Chenoweth is a major sexpot from the start, but I constantly hear people say that they're turned off by her voice or her dramatic facial features. Is this one for the butterface books, or is Kristin her own breed of hottie?

What do you think of Kristin Chenoweth?

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