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Hot or Not: Kristen Stewart

11.02.2010by: Cherry Liquor

There are times when I'm just plain confused as to what is supposed to be hot around these fanboy parts. What you would think would win them all over (big tits, for example) doesn't always end up being the case (Natalie Portman sure doesn't have them). Even the women with the more unusual looks end up in very definitive categories. Some are adored with relentless abandon for not being a cookie-cutter gal while others are shunned with enthusiastic, even gleeful hatred. So... I don't get it. Explain it to me with this week's selection.

Kristen Stewart

By all accounts, Kristen Stewart has the basic outline of what it takes to get a fanboy's attention. She's a pale, porcelain skinned waif who has publicly lauded the use of marijuana. While she might not smile much, it's with the same kind of hipster irony (the Alanis variety, but still...) that most of the smirking Schmoes tend to find alluring. But KStew's reception if often as warm as her publicity glare.

Is it the TWILIGHT thing? Because the chick did a decent amount of angst-ridden junk before becoming Bella Swan, the most dangerous literary icon for young females the world 'round. For a group of guys out there so hell-bent on everything sexy & erotically feminine, I'm surprised that more haven't embraced the franchise that could get them laid, even if the franchise is built on the premise of never getting laid (or laid infrequently, for the purpose of demon-spawn reproduction). To better educate myself in my never-ending desire to know what the f*ck I'm spewing about, I've been reading the books after watching the first couple of movies and while everything really IS the crap that it keeps getting called, the one thing I can say in the movies' favor is that Stewart is pretty much the perfect casting for the lifeless, dull and pasty Bella.

The thing about Kristen, as much as it would be easier for me to jump on the hater train and choo-choo away with the rest of you who love to throw around the disparaging comments about her snide public comments or ugly little snarl is that the chick tries her damnedest to be more than just Bella. With WELCOME TO THE RILEYS, she's taken on the Kristen Stewart Stripper Movie. She's used her glare to attempt biopic material as Joan Jett (and won the approval of the steely rocker herself). She doesn't have a great deal of range but the girl could be resting on what little laurels she has and drifting safely into slacker harbor. But she's not. While I don't believe that this leads up to her being hot, I would counter that there are plenty of other actresses who have become sexy sirens in their more mature years and that Stewart still has plenty of time to age herself out of this stage of her life. I'm really rather curious to see how she turns out, which is more than I can say for most of the young chicks in Hollywood.

What do you think of Kristen Stewart?

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