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Hot or Not: Kimiko Glenn

07.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor

STAR TREK BEYOND might not have done as big of business as its preceding installments but when it came to its newest star, Sofia Boutella, you all were beyond big fans. I'm shying away from the opportunity to check out moms this week, even if the studios believe that women who have bore children are into watching beautiful Hollywood ladies pretend they suck at being maternal and instead I'm going for a lot of NERVE action in my columns because frankly, I've come to the Dave Franco side and it's better over here.

Kimiko Glenn

My introduction to Kimiko Glenn is probably the same as yours - being as annoyed with her character on "Orange is the New Black" as Piper was when the talkative do-gooder was introduced into the waters over at Litchfield. I have nothing against girls who talk in cutesy Barbie doll voices (that tone is as deceptive as a Southern accent when it comes to determining the individual's intelligence) but I was as eager as Nicky was to shut her up with anything I could find at hand.

Other than OITNB, I've actually seen Glenn in only one other production, the mostly unheard of indie, HAIRBRAINED, mainly because I still don't understand what the hell happened to Brendan Fraser's looks and/or career. She was still just as perky, although I might want to venture into her episodes of "Married," or "BoJack Horseman" to see if there's anything deeper than that grating sing-song delivery of hers. Then again, by the end of season 4 of Orange (of which there are only 10 episodes... ONLY TEN, I TELL YOU!!), I had warmed to her character, which is a testimony of her acting prowess, for sure.

Glenn is half Japanese but all American, having been born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She's that smiling girl with the bubbly personality that had an underlying current of brooding mystery to her, if I were to venture a guess into her real life nature. She's cute as a button and actually pretty damn hard to ignore, which can be grating if you're not into the perky chick vibe but it's hard to deny that Glenn doesn't have her charms. I'm really interested to see what else she does in her career.

What do you think of Kimiko Glenn?

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