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Hot or Not: Kellie Pickler

11.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week I did feature soem of the older pictures of Gwen Stefani in the article... except for the middle one. Believe it or not, that was (supposedly, based on my search) taken in 2012, from the Seven Night Stand tour, which I'll admit is still 4 years old, but still post 2 babies at that particular time, so still impressive. Of course you guys all think Gwen is hot, although I still argue that she's not the girl you'd want to be in an actual relationship with. As for another singer being featured in a movie getting released this week, this time BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK, here's a blonde you're probably a lot less familiar with.

Kellie Pickler

Right around the time that American Idol would end a season, after crowning a winner, I'd suddenly find a bunch of posts about the women who were on the show that year (I gave up watching the show myself after season 3), so I recall a bunch of fan sites popping up in dedication to Miss Pickler, who apparently had quite the following before being eliminated and finishing 6th in 2006. I don't think she made as big of an impact on me as Katharine McPhee did (and still does), but after getting a boob job in 2007, suddenly she was getting first place winner attention.

I looked up Pickler's personal life to flesh out an understanding of her popularity and factoring in her chosen genre of country music and the fact that both her mother (who wrote a ton of bad checks and floated fake prescriptions before disappearing from her daughter's life when she was only 2) and father (who has been jailed for stabbing a guy and generally being a miscreant alcoholic and drug abuser) have some sordid histories, I can get it. For some reason, there's still a large demographic of people who love these sob stories. Plus, Pickler has that waitress-at-the-local-IHOP look to her that is blandly appealing enough for just about anyone's tastes.

I have never listened to Kellie's music, so I'm not judging her on talent but rather her moments in the media spotlight, which mainly paint her in a positive light, as a good friend to fellow Idol contestants (she was a bridesmaid at McPhee's wedding and went on TV to shave her head in support of a friend who was going through chemotherapy for cancer) but I don't know if I would call her my cup of tea kinda hot. There's that soccer mom, beauty pageant contestant, Mary Kay consultant kinda of attractiveness there, but not a whole lot of other strong appeal.

What do you think of Kellie Pickler?

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