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Hot or Not: Ke$ha

06.11.2013by: Cherry Liquor

A few weeks back we took a look at Nicki Minaj and tried to figure out if we could look past the cartoonish nature of the persona and see the hotness within. Turns out that the majority of those who responded found Minaj to come up far lacking. How about we go to the white side of the glittered rainbow and check out this week's Hot or Not selection.


I know, I know... it's silly to put a dollar sign in the middle of someone's name every time you post about them. I know that one of the cheesiest, annoying and yet catchiest songs on the planet is "Tik Tok." I've seen the bikini pictures where the glitter glamstress looked like a beached John Travolta. Perhaps it was timing in my life, but I got to a point where I figured if I was feeling low, I couldn't get any lower than to buy Ke$ha's remix album. And damned if the bitch and her stupid music make me feel light and happy when I had my darkest days. I thank her for that.

Without the glitter and the neon colors and the trying-too-hard outfits that she wears to the red carpet walk-ins at awards shows, most magazines and other media do their damnedest to "clean up" Ke$ha and yet demand that she make serious - or seriously scary - faces. They can photoshop her to their hearts' delight and continue with the negative image that has dogged her since the beginning.

However, after buying and listening to her latest album and deeming it just as goofy, silly, fun as the songs contained on her first two discs, I made the decision to watch that MTV show that follows her around while she's on tour. I've looked up the natural pictures. I accept that she cannot sing for a mother feck. But strip her of the forced expressions, the slathered make-up, I can relate to her. Hot? Yeah, based on her persona. I'd make out with her.

What do you think of Ke$ha?


Extra Tidbit: I had to include the image of Ke$ha with Iggy Pop, a man who was never considered good-looking, was always pulling outrageous stunts for the attention. If she looks normal without make-up, I hope she looks exactly the same 40 years from now, like the Iggster.
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