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Hot or Not: Katie McGrath

05.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It took you less time to declare Pom Klementieff hot than it took me to memorize how to spell her name without double checking. After seeing GotGv2 this weekend, I have to say that she has a degree of charm that I wasn't expecting and that Mantis was a delightful new character to add to the Marvel movies. I don't know if I'm as positive about the upcoming KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD, which appears to want to marry the chimp-like arm swinging of Charlie Hunnam's Jax Teller persona with Heath Ledger's A KNIGHT'S TALE upgraded wardrobe. To the huge dismay of my friends who do Renaissance Faires and can tell you how anachronistic the trailers appear so far. But what of one of the film's fair ladies? Let's talk about that instead.

Katie McGrath

There's something sharp and lyrical to the way Katie McGrath holds herself, reminding me of Emily Blunt's character in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, which makes sense when you find out that McGrath originally wanted to go into the fashion industry, working for magazines and on movie sets in the costume department until getting discovered on one. Which also makes sense, since the green eyed brunette definitely has that striking quality that films so well.

Katie appeared as a vaguely lusty Morgana on the BBC show, Merlin for a few seasons before hopping the pond to try her hand at American TV, unfortunately with the failed NBC series, Dracula. I didn't notice her in either of these, only first taking note when I heard someone call out her name during her brief role in JURASSIC WORLD (at which point in the theater my sister turned to me and proclaimed, "I didn't know you were in this movie!" - because her character shared my name and it's relatively rare). I wish I could say that there was something grander that made me go look her up other than the name thing, but there wasn't. I'm glad I did though, as she's actually a charmer as an actress.

Up until her role as Elsa in the new King Arthur's Tale, Katie has been making time on Supergirl as Lena Luthor, a far sexier and less follicle-ly challenged member of the Luthor family who operates like such a badass that they made her character a new series regular for season 3. McGrath seems every inch the traditional movie star while also seeming like a down-to-earth regular gal, sultry on the outside, sweet on the inside. I crave to know more about her but what I do know, I really like.

What do you think of Katie McGrath?

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