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Hot or Not: Katie Aselton

05.14.2013by: Cherry Liquor

While most of you will be out either re-watching IRON MAN 3 or catching whatever time showing of STAR TREK: INTO THE DARKNESS (or some of you secretly partaking in some GREAT GATSBY 3D action - did you not hear that I wanted that movie to bomb, you jerks?!?!) there's another option if you can look around and find it. Not only does this week's Hot or Not selection star in the movie, she's the director of BLACK ROCK as well.

Katie Aselton

An interesting fact I want to start with before we get into the Katie Aselton hotness debate - did you know that she was Miss Teen Maine in 1995? And that she was the first runner-up in the Miss Teen USA pageant the same year? It's not hard to imagine, I suppose. She's a good looking woman. But she's also smart and talented, so it goes against the stereotype of pageant girls being worth anything other than their looks.

One of the more interesting movies that you probably haven't seen is an indie number called THE FREEBIE. You probably steered clear of it due to Dax Shepard being in the cast (I'm so on the fence as far as he's concerned - one minute I like him the next, I despise him) but it rounded up the concept that most long-term couples have discussed at some point - is it OK to have one "freebie" and not have your relationship affected by it? Aselton not only directed that movie as well, but she wrote the screenplay as well.

I'm going to say this - Katie is MILFtastic. She has two children with her fellow writer/director/actor husband, Mark Duplass (again, if you haven't you have to watch JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME) her co-star on "The League." You might have heard of that as well. I think I'm more into Katie because she's smart, talented, hot and looks awesome even after two kids. If she didn't have all that backing her up, I might be more on the indifferent side.

What do you think of Katie Aselton?

Source: IMDB


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