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Hot or Not: Kathryn Hahn

02.21.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Paul Rudd knows how to pick 'em. WHile his career started off with a bang as the Baldwin-esque former brother-by-marriage foil for Alicia Silverstone in CLUELESS and then meandered off into weird indie territory for years, Rudd has recently gotten back on track as the comedy golden boy. So it's no big surprise that WANDERLUST isn't the first movie that he's made with this equally funny focus of this week's Hot or Not.

Kathryn Hahn

The first thing that I remember seeing Hahn in was that crime series "Crossing Jordon," with the husky voiced Jill Hennessy, the former butchy lawyer from "Law & Order." Hahn wasn't super skinny or super pretty but she was my favorite part of the show: quirky, fun-loving and sweet in a line of work that would have turned most other people's stomachs.

I liked Kathryn so much that she was the main reason why I sought out viewing so many of the crappy movies she was in. From WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON! to HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS to the more passable and infinitely easier to watch ANCHORMAN. For a long time now, Hahn has been a quiet go-to girl for honest, straight-faced comedy that is delivered with a spoonful of her natural sweetness. Perhaps it was Rudd's opinion all along to make sure he got her cast in so many other movies after ANCHORMAN, from OUR IDIOT BROTHER to HOW DO YOU KNOW to the current WANDERLUST.

Like I mentioned, she's not really the prettiest young thing on the block. But she has character, she is engaging and funny and pure lovely. She can convince me to watch a movie that I wouldn't otherwise be interested in, just because I like her (perfect example: the f*cking horrid THE LAST MIMZY). Over the years, Kathryn has actually thinned out and gotten more sleek, even getting a chance to be sexy with the short-lived comedy "Free Agents." Is she "hot" in the conventional sense? Probably not. But in reality, I couldn't imagine having better girlfriend material than her.

What do you think of Kathryn Hahn?

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