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Hot or Not: Katherine Waterston

05.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to Katie McGrath, the fair raven-tressed Irish beauty was a big hit with you guys, especially when it came to her role as Lena Luthor from Supergirl. We dealing with a whole different extraterrestrial in this week's new box office releases, with ALIEN: COVENANT having no girl of steel but rather a predatory creature looking for guts to bust out of (and bad reviews to collect, as I have yet to see one person I know come back saying they liked the damn thing). It also has a creature perfect for this week's column.

Katherine Waterston

While I might be a huge fan of her dad, Sam Waterston, who I find oddly striking even as an older man, it took me looking it up to make the connection that Katherine was his daughter. It's not that she looks so different from him, there's a hint of resemblance there, but from what I've seen so far, she doesn't possess his intriguing charm because I have had absolutely zero inclination to go seeking out her work.

Speaking of her work, while Katherine has booked a number of gigs since beginning acting in the mid-2000's, I haven't managed to see her in much outside of Boardwalk Empire and when it came to the dames on that show, she wasn't one of my favorites. I have both INHERENT VICE and SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE on my to-watch queue, but haven't gotten around to the first one because I've already read the book (and Phoenix has a tendency to turn my stomach) and the latter because frankly, it's one of those "comedies" that looks depressing AF and I haven't had it in me to torture myself in recent weeks. (On that note, seek out WEST COAST on Netflix if you're looking for the antithesis of the dramedy trend. It's quite awesome.)

Looking through pictures of Waterston when she had longer hair, I found her to be one of those dreary sort of beauties, a woman who is attractive but with the perpetual resting bitch face that drives me nuts. With the short hair, she looks like when Jennifer Jason Leigh went nuts in SINGLE WHITE FEMALE and tried to recreate that f*cking horrid boy cut that Fonda was rocking at the time. It only makes her face look more square and dour. While I would lean towards saying she has a nice body, it's not the level of nice that can get me to overlook my consensus on my opinion of her hotness. Which is to say, I don't find her to be hot. Not even a little.

What do you think of Katherine Waterston?

Source: IMDB


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