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Hot or Not: Katherine Heigl

10.05.2010by: Cherry Liquor

It's an interesting thing, this LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, where you can have a woman go through many different public perceptions in a very short amount of time. It's fascinating how the formerly anonymous opinions of the peons of the world never had the world stage that they do with the internet and the basic knowledge of perfunctory blogging. Even a short 10 or 20 years ago, would there have been as much hoopla over simple statement made if it didn't spread faster than a classroom of booger infested third graders? How easily is the hotness of one person demolished by the wildfire consumption of their private thoughts?

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl, at a simple glance in the most ordinary of typical airbrushed, photoshopped images like the one above, is a clearly defined hottie. There shouldn't be a hesitation to the conclusion of that certainty. Sure, she could not be some people's elusively defined "type" but that wouldn't have distracted from what the eyes can see. Visually this is a good looking woman. This is a seductive and classically alluring lady. Right?

Even for those of us who might not have been swayed by the intermediate years of the selling of the Katherine Heigl sex symbol image, we always had the organic hotness that she radiated in her earlier years. I found it perplexing that while reading a movie review of THE SWITCH recently in a local free magazine, the writer commented that Aniston had become the leading rom-com lady of this generation, second only to the "inexplicable" Heigl. I think it's entirely explicable how Heigl ended up in that position. Sexy enough to be coveted by men for her large chest and yet less threatening for women based on her icy demeanor and less than plastic curves, she appeared on one of the most popular drivel shows of recent years. I myself have never paused to consider watching "Grey's Anatomy," but almost every single woman on the planet has checked out at least one episode. How does that make her any less a plausible choice for a genre of films which is primarily funded by the estrogen stricken?

But the statements that Heigl has made in reference to her involvement with her bigger box office success, KNOCKED UP, as well as the inferred dig at the writers of her money-maker hospital drama turned all of the visual hotness sour in the mouths of her former worshipers. For there is nothing more annoying than someone getting paid an exorbitant amount of money for a profession that most perceive as being a cake-walk. The thing is, I still LIKE Heigl. I like the Heigl who is in the movies, the big goofy smile and the clumsy comedic timing. I actually enjoy watching her in movies. It's just that the more I hear the things that she says, the more I don't like Heigl, the person behind the characters. And the aroma of that private persona sullies the overall image of her.

I give her a Hot rating, with the provision that she keeps her mouth shut. But what do you think of Katherine Heigl?

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