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Hot or Not: Katharine McPhee

01.08.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I feel like doing a "duh!" Hot or Not selection this week since the show that she's on is strongly being questioned as to whether or not it's going to make it beyond its return this coming February. Sometimes I do these obvious columns because I really want to look at some awesome pictures of a selected target. I'll spend hours lingering over them, battling within myself which images to use before deciding on three that ultimately most of you will complain about a 1/3 of the time or more. So here goes.

Katharine McPhee

Didn't see her on "American Idol" and don't really think that's it's a necessary point to bring up, seeing as how those who DON'T succeed in winning that show have a better chance at a career post primetime karaoke hour. Katharine (please note the A in the Katharine, as it would be a shame for you to misspell it when lurking for nude images of her at some point) was awesome as the pregnant sorority sister Harmony in THE HOUSE BUNNY and besides her television forays, she's been pretty darn cute and on her mark in her movie roles.

When she went blonde around the time that she released her second studio album, I got really nervous. There are obviously images of her with the bleached locks that I could have used which would have better illustrated just how hideous of an idea it was to go blonde on her, but I think you get the drift here, where the emphasis directed at her face says that there's no amount of peroxide that could change the beauty on this woman.

So, yeah... DUH... I think Katharine McPhee is rePheecandiculously gorgeous, far beyond the minimal requirement of Hot for this column. Are you willing to tune into her hotness on the musical show for adults, "Smash?" (F*CK GLEE.) I certainly hope you decide to do so.

What do you think of Katharine McPhee?

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