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Hot or Not: Katharine Isabelle

01.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week we took a look at Catalina Sandino Moreno and you guys were enthusiastic about her hot Colombian self. This week, as 2015 just starts to ramp up its movies, we look at star of 88 and discuss if this scream queen slash low budget go-to is able to play in the bigger leagues.

Katharine Isabelle

First time I saw Katharine Isabelle (yes, she's one of those with the A spelling), it was in GINGER SNAPS, one of the cult classic girl-power flicks where she and fellow Canadian, Emily Perkins, tackled the plausibility of a chick turning into a werewolf, with liberal suggestion toward it being a changing into womanhood, get your period on the full moon kind of thing. Whatever the case, it made a good lot of us pay attention.

As Katharine has progressed through her career, she's picked up a number of smaller fringe roles in bigger movies (remember her from JASON VS FREDDIE? How about the fact that she and Perkins teamed up as Selena Gomez's evil stepsisters in that cruddy Disney straight-to-video movie, ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY?), I've remained of the opinion that she's Susan Sarandon's illegitimate daughter. Perhaps the one she had with Rose McGowan.

Aside from 88, Isabelle has had a reoccurring role on "Hannibal," one of the best TV shows that most people aren't watching right now. Between that, "Being Human," and that awesome kinky mutilation flick known as AMERICAN MARY, I find myself fascinated and turned on by Katharine Isabelle. And I am damn confused as to why she isn't a bigger star.

What do you think of Katharine Isabelle?

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