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Hot or Not: Kate Micucci

02.07.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Most of you were about as fond of Laura Wiggins as I am, feeling as if her time on Shameless proved that she has the naughty girl-next-door vibe to her. I agree that she has a child-like look to her but I have to ask, is it all that bad to be child-like? Hell, a few years ago for Valentine's Day, I asked that my romantic movie & dinner date include a showing of the first Lego movie. (And it was awesome. Everything... great, it's now stuck in my head again. But that's OK because it's my jam!) So I figured we could take a look at one of the ladies behind one of the voices in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE because she too has a child-like vibe to her and I want to figure out if you're feeling it or not.

Kate Micucci

The first time that I remember Kate Micucci from something, it was when she was strumming that ukulele on Scrubs as she romanced the awkward hospital lawyer. While she was adorable and I was happy to see Ted finally catch a break in life, she honestly didn't make much of an impression as a hottie. I didn't think negatively of her, I just didn't think much about her other than her little songs were catchy and she sounded like an animated character come to life when she spoke.

Fast forward a bit to Kate's time on Raising Hope and I found that I was happy to reunite with someone I didn't even know I missed. I was still oblivious to Garfunkel & Oates at the time but quickly got turned on to Micucci's shared time with comedic bestie, Riki Lindhome. I don't know if you have to be a chick to love them but I really f*cking love them. So when the NetFlix show Easy boasted a sexy episode with Kate in it, I tuned in. Seriously, I decided to watch the show just to see her be sexy. And I got to see a whole lot more. A WHOLE LOT MORE. It took me some time to process the fact that sweet little Gooch was completely butt-ass naked and having a threesome with Malin Akerman and Orlando Bloom. I'm still stunned but I'm also wildly impressed that she chose to take on that role and show all of her nitty-gritty. That took ovaries.

I don't think Kate Micucci is traditionally attractive but I do want to put her in the same category as Sandra Bernhard, as this uniquely memorable face that isn't beautiful, isn't ugly and yet is so much more captivating than those that are considered exceptional. She's petite but built well and the cursing and sexual frankness in her comedy are a mighty big turn on. So yes, I think she's hot.

What do you think of Kate Micucci?

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