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Hot or Not: Kate Mara

06.21.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Sometimes I feature smaller names in Hot or Not columns because questioning the hotness of someone popular results in a lovely bouquet of crap for my Tuesday. Sure, my wonderful regulars understand that I'm trying to create a forum where personal opinions can roam free of some bizarrely unspoken 3 word comment limit. (F*cking Hot! Duh!). And I love you for every creative sentiment that you allow to flow. Because I like the unexpected. The perhaps unappreciated or otherwise unheard. Sorta how this week's babe isn't a big name and IRONCLAD, her most recent endeavor, isn't going to be a big release.

Kate Mara

As Wooderson intoned, I love them redheads. Kate Mara is no exception, especially since she's able to pull off the smokier version of a ginger, with her auburn tresses, darker colored eyes and less abundant freckles. She has sharp features which can be photographed poorly and cause her to have temporary moments of butterface (but let's be f*cking honest here - ALL of us have butterface - buttaceface? - moments) yet that uber sexiness of the redheaded species always shines through.

For me, Mara has one of the sickest, most unrecognizably tight bodies of the female actress population. Not too skinny. Not too cringingly ropy like some of those Pilates freaks. A crazy, perfectly situated set of sweater puppies. And that torso! SHOOTER is meant to be watched if only for that bra & shotgun scene alone. Kate's got the type of body that looks natural and not too terribly difficult to maintain, the illusive frame that every woman wishes she was blessed with.

I pretty much love Kate to pieces. The saddest part is that she's not in enough stuff while still being in a number of projects. I see in on screen and get mad when she doesn't dominate the scenes she's in. I was particularly pissy that her part in IRON MAN 2 was pitifully small. Or that she hasn't been cast as a goddess in a big budget production.

What are your thoughts on Kate Mara?

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