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Hot or Not: Kate Hudson

06.15.2010by: Cherry Liquor

This week might be a no-brainer. Then again, it also might not be. There are times when I think that there are some of the most undeniably hot women in Hollywood who end up regularly shot down as being overrated or used up. There are ones that I just don't understand the appeal of. As for my own opinion this week, it's fairly favorable, if we're just talking about looks. But with a "HOT" label on queue and given her well-documented personal life, perhaps just the looks alone might not be enough to seal the deal for this actress

Kate Hudson

The first thing that I remember seeing Kate Hudson in was the critically panned and box office snubbed 200 CIGARETTES, a movie that I thought merited at least a little more welcome than it received. I personally loved the character that Kate played, a hapless and without grace recent loser of virginity who happens to scare the hell out of Jay Mohr (and if you've seen what his wife has turned into lately, you know that's got to be pretty hard to do). I had to look her up to figure out that she was Goldie Hawn's daughter, a factor that would later never be let go in any of the writings done of her. For that reason, 200 CIGARETTES holds a special place in my heart, a time before she was forever linked to her mother's indelible film presence and back when there was a slight glimmering of hope that Courtney Love might not be a total cess pool of a female.

Kate got her Oscar nomination for playing the great Band-Aide Penny Lane in the triumphant semi-autobiographical tale of Cameron Crowe's life, ALMOST FAMOUS. That's when we all got to hear the droning of the well-known movie critics comparing her to Goldie. That's also when any hope of Kate being more than just some side show attraction disappeared into dust. While there was a point in Hawn's life in film early on when she could have done anything without being tethered to her go-go dancer, bubbled-headed television persona, there was atime when we might have seen something better out of Kate than whining rom-com after whining rom-com. Who can we blame?

But the most f*cked up part of this equation is that as much as I would love to just toss Hudson aside for the shitty movies she's in with the shallow, predictable female characters which belittle the entire female gender in under an hour and a half, I still stinking LIKE the woman. If there's got to be an actress who plays these insipid roles, I'll happily take Miss A Cup to deliver the goods. She's a shining, golden, happy girl, even when she's jumping from celebrity athlete beds and breaking Owen Wilson's heart. Her personal life taints my image of the kind of person she'd be in real life, were I ever to meet her, but as far as acting goes, if this is what the watered down cinema is going to offer us in the throw-away movies, it's that candy-coated pill that's easier to take than dealing with the pain unmedicated. Am I hoping that she'll redeem herself with THE KILLER INSIDE ME? Sure. But I'm not holding my breath either.

What do you think of Kate Hudson? Hot or Not?

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