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Hot or Not: Kate Bosworth

09.13.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I'm old enough to clearly remember 1987 and not because it was the year I was learned to pull myself up by the edge of the coffee table and totter about like some of you youngsters out there. This makes me even more interested in the film DIRTY GIRL which details a teen girl with the wrong kind of reputation and how back in '87 you were punished for it instead of given a reality show like current times. Ah, nostalgia.

Kate Bosworth

This is a really hard one for me, heterochromia aside. (That's the condition which causes Kate Bosworth to have two different colored eyes, which, let's face it, is strangely sexy all by itself.) Bosworth has a beautiful and actually quite striking face for what could normally be written off as just another Hollywood blonde. Plus, there's a subtle nature to the way she carries herself on film that speaks loudly than she does.

And hot damn, back when she was in BLUE CRUSH, I kept thinking how great it was to have a chick who could balance the toughness of a female surfer with the soft sexiness of just being a good-looking babe. She showed such promise back then, glowing with talent inside of that California tan.

But WTF has happened to Kate Bosworth since 2002? In what seems like such a short amount of time she went from the healthy girl-next-door hottie to a blonde skeleton who began to look more and more like an alien being. Her weight has been even lower than she's displayed most recently but it's still not topping out at a vaguely normal range. Kate actually has a lot going for her in all regards aside from her looks, so should her thinness bother me as much as it does? I just can't find her hot this way.

What do you think of Kate Bosworth?

Source: IMDB


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