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Hot or Not: Kat Von D

01.01.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Happy New Year, everyone! Time to f*ck up from the very beginning by waking up with a massive headache and a questionable looking person in the bed with you. If you're lucky, they'll be of the gender that you're soberly predisposed to. If you're not so lucky, could you do worse than perhaps cracking a crusty eye open to this week's Hot or Not selection?

Kat Von D

I like tattoos. I have tattoos. I am a tattoo snob. I've said all of this all before. I don't prefer the black & grey tats that dominate Kat Von D and her heavily inked body. But I'm trying my best to not let just the tattoos influence my opinion in this column. However, that's really, really hard to do, seeing as how most of her tats are on her face, neck, and... well, just about everywhere else.

The thing that catches my attention most about Kat, aside from the tats, is her smile. She really has a lively, genuine gleam to her when she flashes her pearlies. I know little to nothing about her aside from the gossipy shit that I've read on sites that love to create their own personal image of a celebrity and adhere to it stronger than that Krazy Glue guy and his construction helmet off the high up beam. I'm willing to give people a chance to try different things. Kat's started her own line of make-up and defied a lot of the shit that follows women who look "like her" around. She's a defiant business woman... who also happened to be engaged to Jesse James at one point. So... teeter muthaluvah totter.

Ultimately, I'm going to say that Kat Von D has her own brand of sexy going on. She can cover up the tats with certain dresses and hair styles from time to time and her plastic surgery, though apparent, isn't entirely painful to look at. I'm definitely not going to label her a Nottie. But I doubt that if I had the penis, the money, the powerful influence or anything else that she's drawn to, that I'd make her a personal choice beyond buddygirlfriendship.

What do you think of Kat Von D?

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