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Hot or Not: Kali Hawk

01.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It seems that most of you are fond of the "evilhag" that is Aubrey Plaza, giving her a solid 77% hot rating last week. It's a shame that that love didn't translate into a bigger box office take for her movie, DIRTY GRANDPA. But that was last week and we're wrapping up January with the remaining dregs that the studios offer us during this cold month where they anticipate low turn out. You can either see a three-year old Natalie Portman flick, another installment of animated panda action or FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK, the newest in a long line of Wayans dominated parody groan laugh-fests. Luckily, they have a lady joining them for us to check out.

Kali Hawk

While I was looking around for a new babe to feature this week, I stumbled upon the impressive backstory on Kali Hawk. While most of the roles she's taken on have showcased her as a ditzy or otherwise vapid chick, turns out Hawk started high school at the age of 12 because she was more Malcolm than Minaj. Because of her good looks and long legs, Kali was picked up as a model during her time at university and that lead to her taking on more acting roles as she transitioned from New York to Los Angeles.

I think what I appreciate most about Hawk (even though that big brain of hers is impressive) is her subtle handle on comedy. From thankless minor roles in movies such as COUPLES RETREAT or character bits in PEEPLES, Hawk is always funny in a way that doesn't reek of overbearing desperation, like too many people in silly comedies. She's transitioned wonderfully into television with her reoccurring roles on "New Girl" and "Black Jesus," although I would have loved to have seen what she could have pulled off on that proposed reboot of "In Living Color" that failed to launch back in 2012.

The only problem I have with Kali Hawk is that if they're going to parody FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, the lead female is supposed to be an awkward, average looking girl and she's none of that. A gorgeous face and killer body do not a milquetoast misfit make. I might just have to pay money to see this goofy film so that the studios can back her in more projects.

What do you think of Kali Hawk?

Source: IMDB


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