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Hot or Not: Julianne Hough

10.11.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I'm of that age that the original FOOTLOOSE is one of my favorite childhood memory flicks. I watched it again recently and I feel confident in saying that it's held up unusually well for a 27 year old movie. Kevin Bacon is seemingly ageless and John Lithgow is never short of perfect. If I had but one minor complaint, it would be that I wish Lori Singer could have been replaced back then by this week's Hot or Not selection.

Julianne Hough

I don't know much about Hough other than you're supposed to pronounce her last name "Huff." That is to say, I know very little about her potential talents because I've never been a "Dancing with the Stars" fan, only catching her winning the title back on the 4th season of the show when she danced with my favorite sports hottie, Apolo Ohno. I've heard that she was a fan favorite on the show, but frankly, the amount of makeup that they have those involved wear borders on the drag queen side of the equation for me, masking any true beauty they might have.

As I've seen Julianne start to appear at promotional gigs and step outside of her two-steps, I began to feel the appeal. She's a cute chick with a very realistic body, one that isn't surgically enhanced or overly exercised. She looks, in a business of extremes, like a healthy young woman that little girls can safely idolize. Hopefully her potential success in acting won't cause her to morph into one of her fellow lollipop-headed actresses.

Looking at stills of Hough as the new age Lori Singer (because you couldn't pay me enough money to actually watch the reboot), I find her to be youthful, sexy and most definitely hot. With her other upcoming project, ROCK OF AGES, I'll see if she can expand my opinion with her talent or deflate it with the lack of it. But for now, I am definitely on Team Hough.

What are your thoughts on Julianne Hough?

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