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Hot or Not: Julia Roberts

04.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I don't know if there was enough feedback from last week to get a definitive answer as to Sky Ferreira's hotness, although the responses that were taken in were mostly positive. There's just something about those pale skinned, expressionless girls that guys seem to dig. As for this week, I'm going to touch on someone who's been around in the public eye a lot longer, having different phases in her movie hottie career before touching down on schmaltzy comedies like MOTHER'S DAY. Is she hot, was she hot, is she still hot? You decide.

Julia Roberts

Back before all of the instant communication that's come with cell phones, mobile access and social media insanity, Julia Roberts led a life that would have been perfect for tearing apart. She married an older, strange looking country singer, ran off from one engagement to Kiefer Sutherland to be with Jason Patric and otherwise must be kissing, loving, praying over the her fortune to not be a rising star during the current generation. While she looks like a nice, normal girl, there's always been this mystery about her that has made Julia infinitely more interesting than some of her counterparts.

My very first roommate was addicted to watching PRETTY WOMAN, so I recall watching a lot of Julia pretending to be some street smart, car loving hooker with a heart of gold and marveling that she was attractive in a way that others might not have been able to pull off. Roberts is tall, with long, lean legs and while that big mouth of hers has been satirized a number of ways over the years, when she smiles, you're drawn into it. When she filmed ERIN BROCKOVICH in my neck of the woods, she would come out of her trailer for an hour each night and shine that grin on fans waiting for autographs, like the star she was.

I don't know if Julia Roberts could have built a career in more current years or at least been able to sustain it if her off-screen antics were day-by-day exposes on TMZ. She never had that overly made-up look that some actresses sport now, nor was she ever a hardbody from afternoons spent in Pilates. But Julia Roberts has aged incredibly well, even if that mouth has taken on a little hardness around the corners as she advances towards 50. I think she's hotter now than she was when she was younger but her younger self was pretty radiant as well.

What do you think of Julia Roberts?

Source: IMDB


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