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Hot or Not: Jordin Sparks

08.14.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I get the feeling that the people behind SPARKLE really had no clue how to market the movie without Whitney Houston being around. Yeah, yeah, her death was sad, don't think this is about me trying to claim otherwise. What I'm saying is... can the film's lead star carry the movie now that audience goers are going to be focused on/distracted by the fact that Houston plays her mom in the movie and is really just Dead Whitney Houston now? How about we start by judging her based solely on the superficial?

Jordin Sparks

Is this chick one of the winners of "American Idol?" I had thought that Katharine McPhee was a winner but I guess she lost out on the show and won in real life, so maybe that's the case with Sparks. Seems as if the smart thing to do is appear on the show and not be crowned idol, based on looking at the results of every contestant who's ended up with a functional career after the show.

You know where I remember this Jordin from? She's the girl who suggested that if girls weren't wearing purity rings, they were sluts. OK, so she phrased it differently. She was a young person who doesn't have sex outside of marriage (hence the ignorance to how her commentary sounded) speaking out against Russell Brand joking that the Jonas Brothers should have been wearing their rings a place other than their fingers. For many, that was a time to mock her for being a "fat" girl. Just as bad, just as unacceptable. All of it adding up to me going out of my way to avoid this chick.

But now, here's the movie that she's in. Oh, and she's thin now. At least that's what the magazines are selling (after formerly pushing stories that she was "proud" to have her curves... any story to spin, they'll do a f*cking Spirograph dance on) and Sparks herself is pushing through posting bikini pictures taken with her cell phone pointed at a mirror. (Shut up, you've all done it.) I also notice that the posed photos of her are Photoshopped to shit, so what am I really looking at? I can't say hot. Hell, she'd probably try to bitch slap me if I did. Or didn't. So I won't.

What do you think of Jordin Sparks?

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Drool Back
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2:35PM on 08/14/2012
Not my cup of tea.
Not my cup of tea.
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11:17AM on 08/14/2012
Just cute.
Just cute.
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