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Hot or Not: JoAnna Garcia

02.14.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It was an even draw last week concerning the hot or not-ness of Kate Micucci, with many of you not only claiming that she was hot but that she was the kind of "weird hot" that made your pants meat dance around with joy. OK, perhaps you didn't say exactly that. I also am not going to directly say that FIST FIGHT looks like a glittery shit stain on the landscape of cinema, but I am going to use the movie to glean our next contestant in this silly little game.

JoAnna Garcia

I know I should be referring to her as JoAnna Garcia Swisher but actresses who have already established their careers pre-marriage changing that shit after a ring is put on it annoy the piss out of me, so I'm resisting. I also resisted JoAnna's hotness when she was her natural blonde self while playing Reba McEntire's daughter on her eponymous sitcom, because wow, does she look hotter as a fake ginger. Then again, don't they all?

I also feel as if I'm the only one who remembers JoAnna from her time on Freaks and Geeks, although that could have more to do with the fact that I rewatch that series in full on a bi-yearly basis and not because she's a stand-out as an actress. If anything, Garcia is an efficient fixture on TV, doing great to hold things together in whatever she's cast in while also never really standing out as a performer either. Her beauty is sort of the same, hard to deny it's not only there but quite pleasing but also lacking the quirkiness or perfection that would make her more memorable.

JoAnna has cut back on her appearances since having a couple kids in the past few years but when stepping out as Ariel on Once Upon a Time, with a more womanly (motherly?) figure, she seems to have figured out how to make her mark. I could do without her tinny, screechy voice which never has the depth or huskiness that draws me in, but I like someone who is reliably consistent and JoAnna certainly does not get enough credit for that. I say hot, although definitely hotter a she's matured, with room for her to increase that over her cougar years.

What do you think of JoAnna Garcia?

Source: IMDB


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