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Hot or Not: Jessica Henwick

08.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Last week we took a look at Jennifer Jason Leigh, a legendary hottie who might be in her 50's now but has managed to capture your attention for a few decades through being consistently talented as an actress and casual enough with the nudity that you could look over any potential flaws. This week, I'm bypassing the movies, even though I can tell you that THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD is funny AF and reminded me of LETHAL WEAPON but with a better cast and funnier lines that never reduced Sam Jackson to a "too old for this shit" trope. Instead, how about we talk about one of the stars of Netflix's The Defenders, the culmination of the streaming service's ongoing interconnected superhero series.

Jessica Henwick

Jessica might have that all-around cute mixed Asian American girl look that sells so well in Hollywood but she's actually a Brit who got her start in the acting business with a variety of shows on BBC. All of which I'm unfamiliar with. But it seems to be a Netflix thing, as Henwick's other looks-Asian American-but-really-is-European star, Elodie Yung (who bugged the f*ck out of me as Elektra but is actually quite effective in THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD) has become a fixture on the Marvel shows as well.

Since I'm not up-to-date with my Game of Thrones watching, the only thing I've seen Jessica do so far is Iron Fist, and while I might have been influenced preemptively by the hotheaded social media antics of its male star, Finn Jones, I still couldn't get into. The sad thing is that she's actually good on the show, as is Rosario Dawson per usual, but it's just so hard to get past the falls-into-being-a-superhero aspect of Finn and his weak portrayal of a weak character, that I couldn't really enjoy her in it.

I think Henwick has some good acting chops, perhaps honed by professionals in the UK who take their thespian studies a bit more seriously than Americans (Jones excluded, obviously). I think she has a cute look that isn't consistent, ranging from average but not noteworthy beauty to a glowing radiance when you can tell she's excited (her red carpet pictures where she's smiling while cuddling up to Dawson say it all). Other than that, I would say that for me, it's too soon to call as to whether or not she's truly hot.

What do you think of Jessica Henwick?

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