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Hot or Not: Jennifer Nicole Lee

12.18.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Salacious Crumb has a near crippling addiction to this week's choice of Hot or Not and I'm here to see if he's the only one of if any of you suffer from the magnetism of this woman, her body and her frequently staged moments out and about in the world. A lot of people hate on Kim Kardashian for being famous for "nothing," I'm trying to see if that feeling is specifically related to Kim or if the public, self-styled celebrity thing is attractive in others.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Kay'so, I needed to look up and learn a little bit more about Jennifer Nicole Lee since while I kept seeing her pop up more often than the stupid Norton crap on Windows the year. The only reality show that I tried out in a moment of sickness, boredom and distance from my remote control was "Ice Loves Coco," and I've grown to love that show but know only what "The Soup" takes out of context for me as they wrap up the week in TV. I thought perhaps Lee was a former contestant of a "Big Brother" type thing but I figured out that she was originally a spokesperson for the infomercial commercial circuit, hawking the types of workout equipment you see gathering dust in the homes of your fat friends.

I started to find out some interesting stuff about JNL as I read more. She's been married to the same man for 15 years and has two kids with him that yes, that perfect body of hers popped out. But she wasn't always so fit, having been overweight and later lauded by Oprah as a weight loss success story who has gone on to author e-books for those looking for instruction on how to eat more nutritiously and exercise properly. I think that's pretty awesome, a woman who legitimately was fat prior to being a fitness model and constant poolside sight, tying her bikini bottoms in gratuitous slo-mo action. If you had to work for it, you deserve what results you earned and the spoils that come with them.

I love the muscle tone on Jennifer and how she constantly keeps up her message of "Strong is the New Skinny" when marketing herself, putting emphasis on how important weight lifting can be for women to help them stay more lean. I can do without the fake boobs but seeing as how she in a mom, sometimes you have to go in and install some new headlights if the previous ones grow dim. The only thing that bothers me about her is she has "Jersey Shore" face, as I call it. Too much duck-lip action, heavily lidded eyes for the seductive look and the general cartoonish nature of those that you'd see on that show. But my favorite painting of all time is Starry Night, so after seeing this body painting... I found myself giving her more slack.

What do you think of Jennifer Nicole Lee?

Source: IMDB


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