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Hot or Not: Jennifer Morrison

09.06.2011by: Cherry Liquor

You don't necessarily have to be spectacular to make it in the world of UFC. You have to be strong, fast, and mentally on point. But I've seen fighters go in and win matches against dudes twice their size. So physically, it doesn't mean squat if you're the more imposing presence. Looking at one of the stars from this week's WARRIOR, I'd say the same applies.

Jennifer Morrison

Anyone really remember Morrison getting topless in URBAN LEGENDS: THE FINAL CUT? Hell, I doubt I would have been able to place this chick prior to her getting cast as Dr. Allison Cameron on "House." The reality is that Jennifer doesn't have all that memorable of a face when it comes to Hollywood standards. She's not ugly by any means. She's just not a stand out.

But damn if the woman can't act. Still just beginning to get a chance to cut her teeth in roles for the big screen, Morrison was a champ at the work she did on the Hugh Laurie medical drama. I've also heard that she's been a great addition to an already great cast when she started appearing on the last season of "How I Met Your Mother."

I can't say that they're anything particularly impressive when it comes to Morrison physically. She has a nice face but not a gorgeous one. A quite fit body that doesn't have any astounding features (although the recent shots of her ass in tight jeans on her upcoming new TV show have shown that she's got some good white girl meat there). By the classic Hollywood standard, she doesn't even carry the quirky look that makes character actors so successful. But I like Jennifer a lot. I think she's sexy in her own regard.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Morrison?

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