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Hot or Not: Jennifer Jason Leigh

08.08.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I made a mistake last week and noted that Kaitlyn Dever was in WIND RIVER when in actuality she's currently starring in DETROIT. What I didn't make a mistake about was featuring her in the column, since the commentary is that she's definitely an up-and-coming babe. Since it's feeling like a flashback week, with all of these faces from years ago popping up looking amazing, I thought we could go with a bit of a throwback and feature one of the stars of the film GOOD TIME, as well as about a few dozen others that you love.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

The first time I really remember seeing Jennifer was in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, where most people remember Phoebe Cates and her red bikini scene. I probably shouldn't have her teenage sex moment as the first memory, but it was a scorcher, where you got the impression that she was pretty but in the way that your best friend was pretty, in that unpolished, awkward youthful kind of way.

However, Hollywood never seemed to consider Leigh to be beautiful enough, even if she could act like she was born a veteran. So it meant role after role of average chick shit, showcasing her talent rather than her looks. Which meant that she was "uglied up" a lot, or dismissed as being the grenade option mixed with a more beautiful co-star. Through it all, JJL was sublimely sexy in a manner that few others from her generation have managed to be. Just watch SINGLE WHITE FEMALE and tell me you wouldn't have preferred porking the crazy one.

Realistically looking at Jennifer today, at the age of 55, she looks outstanding. I don't think she gets enough credit for aging as well as she has, barely changing in the past 20 years, even if that means never being at the top of the hottie heap. She's fit, she's brave, she's sharp, she's good in every damn movie she's in. If Jennifer Jason Leigh isn't a babe in her own right, you're all crazy.

What do you think of Jennifer Jason Leigh?

Source: IMDB


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