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Hot or Not: Jennifer Carpenter

03.13.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Is anyone else as tickled as I am over the AMC ads for the return of "Mad Men," where they spoof the ones that the channel shows for "The Walking Dead"? Of course, I'm probably one of the only people who still thinks that Nic Cage is a box office draw, even if it's with January Jones by his side. Add in some Guy Pearce and this week's Hot or Not babe and you have me considering SEEKING JUSTICE as the only way I feel better about that other "cop" movie coming out this week.

Jennifer Carpenter

I think I may have mentioned a few thousand times that one of my biggest, most favoritest guilty pleasures, cinematically, is WHITE CHICKS. That's the movie where Jennifer Carpenter first burst into existence in my view, getting laughs out of me as she overdramatized her purported weight issues in the dressing room with a befuddled Wayans brother trying desperately to escape.

Television turned out to be Jennifer's best friend when she was introduced as the character of Deb on "Dexter," the foul-mouthed sister of the serial killer (who just so happened to marry that very co-star, Michael C. Hall, whom she recently divorced in 2011 amid rumours that he was hooking up with Julia Stiles). Combine this role with her mouth-dropping physical performance in THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and you have a woman who can most certainly act, even if the camera doesn't really love her all that much when she does it.

That's what gets me about Carpenter. She looks incredible in pictures. She dresses up well and has all of the right features, save for being so skinny that it makes me concerned about her physical well-being. She is, when you look at these pics, absolutely gorgeous. This does NOT translate into what she looks like in motion. All angles and long-limbed gangliness make it hard to see her as a babe on screen, even if she's a talented actress. I want to say she's beautiful and I can say that with conviction. But she just isn't my hotness cup of tea.

What do you think of Jennifer Carpenter?

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