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Hot or Not: Jenna Coleman

05.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor

You might not be fans of Mia Wasikowska but those of you who didn't run to the theaters for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE turned in some pretty numbers for her movie, considering it's a sequel where most people aren't familiar with the source material. This week the source material in question is JoJo Moyes' novel ME BEFORE YOU, where we'll get to see Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin be far more adorable than their written versions. In a minor supporting role is a woman well acquainted with giving an assist.

Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman, Jenna Louise Coleman, she's gone by both. I probably should know more about her, considering that she's a huge favorite of the BBC, "Dr. Who" fanatics but frankly, I haven't watched her episodes and what I'm gleaning from her participation in the social media world is that she's a fairly straight-laced and sorta boring gal. Then again, sometimes those who are the most reserved for the general eye can be the biggest freaks. So she could be wicked and I would just not be close enough to figure it out.

Coleman has a really great body which she rarely shows off, sticking to the conservative duds that the stereotype of stiff upper lipped women of Britain are known for. When she does show off, it's worth checking in for, with great legs and a perky chest along the same curve of Jennifer Lawrence. Those dimples of hers are killer as well, endearing her to me more than any of her other features. However, I get the nose job vibe because her snozz is just too perfect and that can be distracting.

Honestly, while Jenna looks like she'd be an awesome girlfriend to brag about having, I doubt that there's much more to it. Cute girls are a dime a dozen and while that gets them cred at the jump, I can't imagine it would be all that interesting to stick around and try to make conversation. Given a few more years and a few more roles, I might develop a more fully fleshed opinion about her but right now I'm pretty neutral.

What do you think of Jenna Coleman?

Source: IMDB


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