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Hot or Not: Jena Malone

11.26.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I'm going to just go with the Jedd the Jedi flow from last week's comments and roll out the Hot or Not this week with the selection from then. Seeing as how this week's hottie or nottie is one of the featured players in the current HUNGER GAMES movie, CATCHING FIRE, it's good timing too.

Jena Malone

She once played a young Jodie Foster in CONTACT and went through a successful career as a child/young adult actor, where for the most part Jena Malone was equally cute and talented as an actor. There are a great deal of movies from late 1990's and early 2010's where I loved watching Jena in action, particularly DONNIE DARKO, LIFE AS A HOUSE, and THE UNITED STATES OF LELAND. She has a very magnetic feel to her on screen presence.

The problem is that some time after she made PRIDE & PREJUDICE in 2005, Malone started to look pretty damn gawdawful. She dropped weight to the point of emaciation, began dressing and otherwise seemingly emulating Evan Rachel Wood's Marilyn Manson look and otherwise did not seem all that appealing in the looks department. She continued to be interesting on film, however, perhaps due to the career she'd already accumulated working with so many high-profile stars.

Now Jena is regularly making waves in film as a alterna-hot chick in stuff like SUCKER PUNCH and of course THG:CF. The thing is, while she's definitely filled out since her skinny years to gain healthy muscular weight, she's still flirting with poor make-up and clothing choices, masking what might be some sharp grown-up looks. I honestly can't tell if underneath all the flouncy for-show crap if Malone is hot or not. As she stands, I don't find her attractive. There's nothing worse than someone who appears to be trying too damn hard.

What do you think of Jena Malone?

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