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Hot or Not: Janelle Monae

01.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor

There weren't as many of you who commented on last week's Hot or Not directly on this site, plenty of people over at our Facebook Page had stuff to say about Megan Mullally being a mature, cultivated hottie. Sure, there were a few who disagreed, much like there are only one or two who might argue against Kate Beckinsale's hotness. So because that's not something we need to even pose as a question, I've picked one of the stars of the other big release from this upcoming weekend, HIDDEN FIGURES, instead.

Janelle Monae

The trailers for HIDDEN FIGURES are probably going to be the best thing about the movie, considering that others similar to it have unraveled in that manner, but I hold out hope for the movie because it's filled with so many people that I adore. Janelle is new to me, as I know her mainly from her music. While she doesn't have the huge, belting diva pipes that others do, there's a personality going on in that voice that defies her small frame (she's only 5'0" tall) and an approachability that eludes those very same others.

As far as Monae's acting creds, there's limited material to base an opinion on. She was the voice of one minor character in RIO 2 (cleverly named Dr. Monae) and a featured role in last year's critic darling, MOONLIGHT. I haven't seen that movie yet and I'm basing my judgment of her skill on the fact that she's the clip stealer in the trailer for HIDDEN FIGURES. Her giant eyes are so expressive, before she even speaks, you're sitting up and listening.

I don't know as much as I should to make a hottie determination on Janelle but I really like what I've seen thus far. Her music videos are more entertaining than 75% of the big budget movies released last year, showcasing that she's a stellar performer. She has an amazing figure (let us not forget her tribute costume to Prince at the BET Awards, with the assless pants) and is positively gorgeous (hence the deal Cover Girl cut with her to be one of their featured spokeswomen) and lacks the diva temperament that cuts down the attractiveness of others in her field. I think she's hot and I'm thinking she's only going to get hotter the more I learn about her.

What do you think of Janelle Monae?

Source: IMDB


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