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Hot or Not: Jane Seymour

12.11.2012by: Cherry Liquor

She flashed her tits at Owen Wilson in THE WEDDING CRASHERS to prove that she was still sexy, a move that was perhaps far from necessary. Now she's starring in a movie from the Broken Lizard fellas who brought you all those other goofball movies, this time FREELOADERS. Let's take a brief look through the years and decide what we think of this week's Hot or Not selection.

Jane Seymour

Image from 1977's SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER, four years after she joined the ranks of Bond Girls with LIVE AND LET DIE. Looking back, I wonder if Jane has had some plastic surgery over the years or if she just went through a stage of her looks settling in. Then I shake my head because I really don't care if she has. Why? Keep reading.

Image from the mid-1990's, around the time that she was best known for her role as the title character of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." I never watched that show but hot damn was it a huge success, running for 5 years while the moms of other people of my generation drooling over Joe Lando. It was the time she gave birth to twins in 1995 at the age of 44. Yeah. That was after she'd also had two other children with her previous husband. So you're looking at a woman in her mid-forties here, the mother of 4. Just sayin'....

Jane Seymour at the 2012 Oscars. While she's covered in make-up, she's not Photoshopped and the wrinkles are there. 61-years old and still fit and damn fabulous. As I analyze this image, I can see wrinkles in her neck, face, and even brow. This suggests to me that she hasn't had a facelift or poked herself silly with botulism. I see someone who is the official spokeswoman for UNICEF, International Ambassador for Childhelp USA, and Honorary Chairperson for City Hearts. The woman who named her twins after Johnny Cash and Christopher Reeve. Just like her Heterochromia, she is in the 1% of hottest women of all time, in my personal opinion.

What do you think of Jane Seymour?

Source: IMDB


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