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Hot or Not: Jane Levy

10.23.2012by: Cherry Liquor

While people tend to focus on the lead female character in movies like FUN SIZE (with good reason for this particular flick since its lead is Victoria Justice), it's usually the friend/sidekick character in the movie who steals the show. She certainly stole the Hot or Not selection this week.

Jane Levy

She might have been born in L.A. but she was raised in the small, more backwoods area of Marin County in Northern California and while cast in plays as a child, Levy quit acting at 13 so that she could concentrate more on playing soccer and finishing school with her peers. Something about her is making me like her immensely already. Oh, the fact that she seems to have her own head on her shoulders and didn't have any asshole sponge parents looking to capitalize on her potential earnings? Yeah, it might have something to do with that.

Between Alan Tudyk and Cheryl Hines (or Tudyk alone), I should be tuned into Jane's current hit show, "Suburgatory," but after watching the first episode, I figured I might wait to see if it was an early canceled show. I hated the idea of getting into something since I'm the kiss of death for those shows. (You can feel free to blame me for the single season of "Freaks & Geeks," "Wonderfalls" and "Firefly.") I like her look, I like her slightly biting wit (she definitely isn't delivering like an adult who's playing a teen but a bratty teen with some stunted emotional growth).

Here's where it gets sticky. This is a really cute chick. The thing is, while the red hair makes her eyes pop and while the trick seems to be working in getting her attention (she replaced Lily Collins as the lead in the 2013 EVIL DEAD), much like it did for Emma Stone... that there is my issue. Jane is a natural blonde and if you Google some of those images, you'll see that she's just as striking and perhaps more original looking that way. We don't need another cute Molly Ringwald. Emma already has the Redheaded It Girl market cornered. Jane is rather pretty and has shittons of potential, but there's got to be something... MORE... to make her truly hot.

What do you think of Jane Levy?

Source: IMDB


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