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Hot or Not: Jaime Pressly

08.11.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Someone just recently informed me that "My Name is Earl" has been canceled. Pity, considering that I used to like Jason Lee (lost complete respect for him after the A&TC debacle) and it was the show which finally brought to the forefront the hard-working talent that is this week's Hot or Not selection. She's in this week's DVD release I LOVE YOU, MAN, arguably one of the best comedies of the year as well.

Jaime Pressly

I happen to LIKE Jaime Pressly. I like that she's done every screwed up role from being in the Jerry Springer movie RINGMASTER to small side gigs in CAN'T HARDLY WAIT and 100 GIRLS to pure delicious trash like TORQUE (Two girls battling it out on motorcycles? Score!) and DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE. Yeah, it was trash, but Pressly has managed to always be the consummate professional when it comes to delivering the perfect white trash performance. And as easy as that might seem to be, it just isn't.

She keeps her personal life pretty low-key with odd friendships like the one with Melissa Joan Hart and has managed to stay friends with her long time boyfriend and former fiancee and baby daddy. She named her little boy Desi because she loves "I Love Lucy." She cheers loudly from the front row of UFC fights. Pressly is a down chick wrapped in a hot chick's body.

And while she might have a face that was built for Photoshop, she still has great bone structure to work with and a body that looks THIS when it's not wrapped in clothing. Is she pretty? Is she beautiful? Is she sexy? Hell... the question is really if she's hot. The crazy part is, she's an insane combination of so many things, it makes my head spin.

What do you think of Jaime Pressly?

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