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Hot or Not: Kelly Clarkson

09.04.2012by: Cherry Liquor

It's amazing to me that it's been 10 years since "American Idol," this reality-show trying to find new musical artists took over the programming guide at Fox. Gone were the attempts to find the next "Married With Children" or any other show when you had something funded by the Coke company and millions of people willing to try their luck while the talentless got to live vicariously through their journey. It was almost as if "The Gong Show" had a baby with "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," the spectacle unrolled itself as it played along. Let's chat about one of the originals who helped start it all.

Kelly Clarkson

I wasn't a Kelly supporter back in the day, and I will openly admit that I watched the first season of the show with religious fervor. I don't even recall having a favorite in particular, I was just mesmerized by the machine that was cranking out this bastardized version of "Star Search," the show I'd been hooked on as a kid. I cared little for any of the original Idols. I just liked waiting to see who was going to get kicked off next. Kelly was brash and very Texan back in those days, finding her feet as a woman in her very early 20's. Considering the political atmosphere at the time, anyone who was Texan left me leery.

Kelly worked off some of her chub and managed to survive the crappy production values that accompany being signed to 19 Entertainment, the producing company that Simon Fuller deadlocks these participants into. Once she stopped trying to come off as the next Christina Aguilera, I stopped to listen. When she released "My December," her ballsy album that she fought with Clive Davis, renown head of Sony-BMG. Davis threatened to not release the album at all, calling it too "dark" and "negative." Clarkson responded by saying that she didn't expect someone as old as Clive to be a fan of her music. Eventually the album was released and it revealed how tough Clarkson is. She later spoke out against Kanye West around the same time, chastising him not for the words said but for the fact that he had no tact in taking attention away from what should have been a proud moment for Taylor Swift. I've been team Kelly ever since.

This last picture is approximately what Kelly looks like today. I'm not going to post any of her "fat" pictures. Hell, I could and I still would declare her to be a hottie. She's a spark plug with real talent and if her ass is a little wider than it was when the record label sicced personal trainers and dieticians on her, so f*cking be it. Things might not always come better from Texas, but when they come at you big, they leave an impact. Trying to deny her power and beauty is futile, people.

What do you think of Kelly Clarkson?

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