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Hot or Not: Imogen Poots

01.28.2014by: Cherry Liquor

JimmyO often gets teases regarding his adoration of the boy charmer that is Zac Efron but I have to say I don't really think that he's all that mock-worthy for it. Efron, who might have been just another pretty Disney face when he was a teen star, has been putting in his dues and branching out as much as a dewy-skinned young man can. With the R-rated comedy THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, plan on seeing some cocking with rocking from Zac and some face time from his female co-star, this week's Hot or Not selection.

Imogen Poots

This week's release isn't the first time that Poots has been in a movie with Efron, although who really went out of their way to watch ME AND ORSON WELLS. Sure, we were more invested in watching 28 WEEKS LATER but at that time, Imogen definitely didn't yet shine bright enough to stand out amongst all the zombie action. At least not in my mind.

Then along came the FRIGHT NIGHT remake and suddenly it was the greatest Marcey D'Arcy upgrade ever. The plucky blonde managed to hold her own in a film that featured the preening screen chewing of both Colin Farrell and David Tennant. That's about the time when I felt she was ready for a closer close up.

Overall, Imogen Poots has a lot of screen charisma and her style is quirky in a cool and not that trying-too-hard kind of way. She's a little too skinny, a little too devoid of the feminine curves (aka, she's a tad too flat chested) but I think she's definitely a cutie. A hottie... well, that might take some time but she's not awkward to watch.

What do you think of Imogen Poots?

Source: IMDB


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