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Hot or Not: Holliday Grainger

02.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It was no surprise that THE LEGO BATMAN movie would continue its domination at the box office. After all, it had the awesome coattails of the first Lego movie to ride in on coupled with the fact that the people behind that franchise have made some super smart, super funny executions. I guess it also shouldn't have been a surprise that you all would be fond of JoAnna Garcia, even if very few of you went to see her new movie last week. She's a babe and the living, breathing Ariel, after all. This week we have the equally non-compelling new release, TULIP FEVER for us to not go see, even if it does have some babes in it. Or does it? Let's take a look at one of its stars.

Holliday Grainger

I took a long, slow cruise through Holliday's resume - which isn't unsubstantial - and realized that I haven't seen a goddamn thing she's done. Not CINDERELLA, not THE FINEST HOURS, not The Borgias, although I do have that last one in my queue. I remember thinking that I was interested in that BONNIE & CLYDE TV 2 part mini-series but then letting it slip my mind. I don't even have a good excuse unless you count getting stoned and watching Bob's Burgers for the umpteenth time, which I'm assuming you don't.

What I can tell you about Holliday Grainger is that she's lovely. She has that look which begs to be put in all of these period pieces that bore me to tears, although she also cleans up sharply and looks like a high end fashion model when attending red carpet premieres. In fact, her look changes from pale and strawberry to rosy and dark-haired, which works against her in the recognition department.

One of the things coming up on Grainger's list is the series Cormoran Strike, based on the set of novels written by JK Rowling under the pen name Robert Galbraith, which I HAVE read and can tell you that she is the living version of the character Robin from the books. So I'm excited fro that. I'm also vaguely excited about Grainger as a whole. She strikes me as a British Haley Bennett - a good looking lass with talent who is just looking for the right foothold to really make her mark. I'm going to remain neutral on the hot question until I watch something she's in, but I'm definitely leaning toward the positive.

What do you think of Holliday Grainger?

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