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Hot or Not: Helena Bonham Carter

07.12.2011by: Cherry Liquor

This week, IT ALL ENDS. For those of us who don't care, the moment will be yet another bloated Hollywood budget moment. For the others, it will mean the end of a heartfelt saga. I can't imagine that there will be many in-between feelings. About the movie or about one of the stars, this week's Hot or Not selection.

Helena Bonham Carter

HBC has been around for so long that it's hard to think of her as being only 45-years old. Starting in A ROOM WITH A VIEW when she wasn't even 20, she has since created a career and a personal life that few others can rival.

Sometimes a person can act wonderfully and not be a beautiful person. More often than not we have beautiful people on screen who have little to no talent. But then there are those people who are beautiful AND talented. Or sometimes, odd and strange and still beautifully compelling. After all, consider that this is the woman who broke up Branagh and Thompson (and Burton and Lisa Marie). That's just in real life. In reel life she seduced Norton/Pitt.

I think Helena is sexy as f*ck. I can't say that this causes me to find her beautiful, but I don't believe that hotness is directly proportional to beauty. Then again, neither is oddness to sexiness. She's a rather random duck, one of the few women who can truly straddle the definitions of what it means to be a seductive beauty. I can dig it.

But do the rest of you dig Helena Bonham Carter as well??

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