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Hot or Not: Helen Hunt

11.06.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Ten years ago when Kathy Bates got naked for ABOUT SCHMIDT, she was 54-years old at the time. It's hard to believe that it's been a full 10-years since we watched her climb into that hot tub, but numbers are numbers, folks. Or are they? This week's Hot or Not selection was 49-years old when she filmed her nude scenes for the recent Oscar buzzed movie, THE SESSIONS and while I haven't seen it yet, I've heard she's been wowing audiences with her body. Let's discuss, shall we?

Helen Hunt

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN was the first movie I can clearly remember watching Hunt in even if "Quarterback Princess," was the TV movie that got her recognized by others in the way back. Can't tell you that she was a hottie back then, just the trouble-maker character actress that they cast opposite Sarah Jessica Parker's swan performance. Yeah, ain't that bit funny? Still, I have always liked Hunt because of that movie and it was because of that cheeseball flick that I watched her get nude in THE WATERDANCE in 1992, still in my mind, one of the best movies made that had no explosions, no kinky strip teases and just heartfelt human emotion in it.

Helen got popular when she was cast on "Mad About You," in the 1990's and even took home a Best Actress Oscar for 1997's AS GOOD AS IT GETS (it was a deserved nom and win, in my opinion) and there was this strange demand for her to be hotter than her basic looks, as if she was hotter than an average woman you'd meet any day of the week. I don't find that to be the case about her and it always befuddled me as to what people were trying to get at, causing her to (perhaps, I'm spitballing here) draw back on her professional career and focus on being a mom in the earlier 2000's.

I like that Helen Hunt is a great actress. I like that she picks interesting roles and is brave enough to carry them out so that people can see that not every body that gets naked looks airbrushed to perfection. Hot, however? Ehhhhh.... I can't say that. I think her face is a bit off looking (the thin lips bug me) and her body seems fit and healthy which is great, but stringy and too-thin which is caving to the business. I'm torn. I congratulate Helen on being awesome at her craft but I'm not going to get moist about it.

What do you think of Helen Hunt?

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