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Hot or Not: Heidi Montag

02.08.2011by: Cherry Liquor

JUST GO WITH IT is chock full of a bunch of unbelievable things, including the implausibility of Adam Sandler being able to land any babe hot and young without flashing his bank account statement at her, let alone a slew of hot young chicks. One of the biggest ones to come out of the news from the early filming stages of this film was some of the choices in casting, including this week's Hot or Not selection. But hey, I'm open minded enough to figure out how closed minded everyone else is.

Heidi Montag

I've never watched "The Hills." In fact, aside from watching about 3 seasons into "The Real World" (I liked Puck, so sue me), I've religiously avoided any of the "reality" programming that the former music channel has had to offer. But that doesn't stop them from pushing their antics onto me. When the show debuted, people were talking about what an idiot this Heidi Montag character was, but devoting just as much attention to her idiot beau as well. I kept wondering what was so great about a rather plain - but not wholly ugly - chick like her.

Then all of the People magazine coverage about Montag's initial breast enhancement surgery came out. And the nose job. And the veneers she had put on her teeth. I am not normally a advocate of people getting plastic surgery to become a more homogenized form of attractive, but I would never begrudge someone their choice to spruce up what they already had. That said, I didn't think that Montag had as much to work with in comparison to the original outcome. I had to give her a hearty thumbs up for the work that she did have done. This was one of the few instances of a plain Jane becoming the shining princess.

Oh, but the ridiculousness that followed. I feel badly for this girl. I can understand how being on a show on MTV made her feel inadequate about her looks, those that she was born with. It makes even more sense when you consider the God she's so devoted to didn't giveth in other areas where he'd takenth away. The girl was never some IQ giant. While there is a place for the superheroines in the world, it's more on the pages of a comic book than the cover of a fashion magazine. So for Heidi Montag, I have to say she wasn't, then she was, then she became a big pile of sadness and WTFs.

But what do you think of Heidi Montag?

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