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Hot or Not: Heather Graham

11.25.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, most people seemed to think that Rachel McAdams was more of a Cutie than a Hottie, even though I disagree. Sometimes you've got to look at potential and she's still got some years to grow and show us if she can age well or just be a flash in the beauty pan. Which made me, oddly enough, think of this week's selection. Perhaps you liked her earlier years, perhaps you prefer her maturity. In any case, I present to you...

Heather Graham

First she was just a cute, perky little thing who shocked people in DRUGSTORE COWBOY. Sure, she'd been the object of affection for the Coreys back in LICENSE TO DRIVE, but it was with COWBOY that she made her impact on cinema. There's always been a place in Hollywood for that sweet little piece of tail who looks like she's from the mid-west but acts like she's headed for a place in the deep, hot south bowels of hell.

Graham continued on her streak of good girls who really acted badly with her unforgettable role as the unapologetic porn starlet on wheels in BOOGIE NIGHTS. Something about her innocent looking face but total detachment from debauchery made you sit closer and want to know her. She'd been swimming around in a sea of nothing special between DRUGSTORE and NIGHTS and taking it (mostly) all off really did seem to pay off.

I think I've appreciated Graham more as an actress in her later years, with her tongue-in-cheek performances such as BOWFINGER (I still do the "Awwwshum" thing, I love that flick) to a slew of direct to DVD goodies like GREY MATTERS and MISS CONCEPTION. The studios aren't buying her youngster routine anymore, so she's gotten creative and gone the indie route where she can better be appreciated.

Your thoughts on Heather Graham?


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