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Hot or Not: Hayley Atwell

07.19.2011by: Cherry Liquor

With one of my hot men in superhero garb disappointing me last month, I'm pinning the remainder of my hopes on my other hot bodied super babe when I check out CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER this week. As familiar as I am with all of his delicious man curves, Evans is bringing along a Brit hottie to do some able bodied work right next to him. Let's check her out, shall we?

Hayley Atwell

Atwell is a darling on the BBC, from what I can gather in checking out her resume on IMDB. This doesn't help me any because I'm an uncultured sot who rarely ventures outside of my safe little handful of American network channels. I did watch her in CASSANDRA'S DREAM, which while interesting, was one of those depressing what-if movies that didn't give her a whole helluva lot to do.

Atwell might come from the land of Keira Knightley and have the acting chops to get cast in films with her (THE DUCHESS), but she's not the stand-out that Knightley is. While I'd love to say that I remember her from what I've seen her in, I can't. She has an interesting face that begs to be noticed and set aside from the cookie cutter ones out there but something just isn't sparking from first glances.

However, where Atwell is clearly a winner is that stealth sex-pot body of hers. Her carriage is classy and her face demure but that chest of hers is top-notch. You don't see that hourglass powerhouse frame of hers until she gets dressy for you and damn it all if those babes aren't hot in a whole other category. I might not know much about her but the recent spread she did in Esquire magazine has me begging to go to the trouble to find out.

What do you think of Hayley Atwell?

Source: IMDB


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